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Fires are raging out of control in some areas of Greece (Pictures: Reuters/Metro.co.uk)

With wildfires raging in Greece and thousands of people being evacuated from homes and hotels in the country, especially in Rhodes and Corfu, many are wondering exactly which areas of Greece are affected.

The country is a popular destination for tourists thanks to its long, hot summers, but now both Jet2 and Tui have cancelled some flights to the Greek island of Rhodes which has been particularly badly hit by the wildfires.

Although the Foreign Office is not currently advising against travel to Greece, it is recommending anyone due to visit ‘any areas affected by wildfires’ to check with their travel operator or hotel first.

But it’s not just in Rhodes and Corfu where wildfires are breaking out – the most recent reports confirm 62 wildfires across Greece, correct at time of writing.

So which areas of Greece are most affected?

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Where are the fires in Greece?

As the map shows, the main fires are located in Western Attica, Laconia (southern Peloponnese), Rhodes and Corfu.

Click to enlarge (Picture: Metro.co.uk/created with Datawrapper)

In Western Attica, people living in the areas of Agia Sotira, Palaiokoundoura, Panorama and Palaiochori, Oinoi, and Erythrae have been asked to evacuate.

Burned out cars and scorched earth

Some of the damage caused by wildfires in Kiotari village on Rhodes (Picture: Damianidis Eleftherios/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

There is also a high risk of further fires breaking out in Attica, Boeotia, Evia, Corinthia, Argolis, Rhodes, Samos and Ikaria.

Some of those who fled the Rhodes fires lost their travel documents, so the Greek authories are setting up a special desk at the island’s airport to help those travellers.

Which parts of Rhodes are affected?

In Rhodes, the worst affected towns so far are Lindos, Pefkoi and Kiotari, which are towards the southern end of the island.

Click to enlarge (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Lindos is around 47km south of the capital, Rhodes Town, which is much nearer to the island’s airport.

The fires have spread from inland forest areas.

Which areas of Corfu are affected?

People in Santa, Megoula, Porta, Palia Perithia and Sinies have been told to travel to the coastal village of Kassiopi.

Those in Viglatouri and Nissaki have been told to evacuate now to Barbati.

Click to enlarge (Picture Metro.co.uk/Created with Datawrapper)

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