When Fгeddy Adυ and the USMNT shocked Lionel Messi and Argentina at the U20 World Cup

At the 2005 conference, the world’s youngest player won a clash between the US and Argentina, but it wasn’t Messi.

In the first match of the 2005 World Youth Championship, now known as the Under-20 World Cup, the United States and Argentina faced off in the Netherlands, with both sides a phenom. The US team featured Feddi Addo, perhaps the most famous teen talent of all time. The next Pele, as he was known back then. He was 16 years old, the second youngest player in the tournament, but the most famous player after signing with DC United at the age of 14.

Agentina had her own starlet. You can have his head: His name is Lionel Messi.

We all know how it turned out for both of them. Messi went on to surprisingly become the greatest man of all time, with his tally in the Netherlands being his first in Argentina’s history. He would famously win the most impressive one at Katag 17 years later, cementing his place as a legend and perhaps the greatest of all time.

Adυ, meanwhile, became more of a joineman gatheg than a specialized player playing in the US, Poгtυgal, Tυгkey, Seгbia, Finland and Sweden. But, on the day, it was Adυ and US who got the final log with a famous гesυlt, defeating Messi and co. On the way to Agentina for a title shot.

Now, after all these years, Target takes a look at that big game and what it means for everyone involved…

Messi, Unknown

It’s easy to forget now, we all know, but it was a time when Messi was an enigma, even in his native Argentina. After spending his formative years in Spain, and turning down several calls from the federation, Messi eventually joined Argentina’s youth teams in 2004. No one would have imagined what he would become.

“I saw a lot of football, but from Argentina, not from Europe,” said Segio Ago deposittv, “I asked Leo, ‘What was your name?’ ‘Lionel,’ he replied and started laughing. And I say, ‘What’s your last name?’

“‘Messi’, he replied. And others asked me, ‘Don’t you know who he is?’ I knew from the news that he was a talented kid from Barcelona and I said, ‘Is this him?’. Then I saw him and knew how good he is.”

By the time the U20 World Cup rolled around the following year, it would be an understatement to say that Messi wasn’t even the biggest player in that Argentina team. Meanwhile, Messi, despite a few appearances for Barcelona during that club season, remained somewhat out of the public eye in his homeland.

Therefore, when Messi was left out of the playing XI for Argentina’s first goal of the game in the tournament, some expressed doubts over the decision, especially considering the fact that Agogo sat right next to him on the bench. Was.

Freddy Edu DC United 11142004
Getty Images

Next Pele

Although it would be Messi who would eventually rival icons like Pelé and Diego Magadona, before the 2005 tournament Adý was a taboo figure to do so. He was signed by DC United in 2004 at the age of 14, becoming the youngest player ever to be signed by a replacement in US venues. Three months later, he became the youngest player to play in MLS and, at the time, the youngest goal scorer in MLS history.

In that first season, he scored five goals from 30 appearances in a gaggle season before reaching the playoffs. European veterans watched with curiosity, although they knew he was still some years away from crossing the Atlantic.

Adyu was obviously the main attack for that US team in 2005, but he was favored as the only standout. Family faces such as Jonathan Specto, Benny Philhabe, Sacha Kljusten and Bed Evans are all in our squad, coached by the late Sigi Schmidt.

After a World Cup competition-final appearance in 2002 and with MLS influencing a new generation of young American players, America was asking for something to be created that was clearly symbolic.

Barrett US U20 Argentina 2005Getty

first half

Messi was not the only Argentine icon left on the bench that day, with Agogo also left out of the playing XI by coach Francisco Fagago. However, Argentina’s XI certainly had some difficult phases, with Gago joining captain Pablo Zabaleta in the States. Meanwhile, America is captained by Gage Dalby, even though all eyes are on him.

However, it was MLS gaggle Chad Baggett who stole the show with a goal five minutes before half-time. Mavel Wayne’s cross was deflected in the back by Emiliano Amantegos, leaving Beguet at the back post for a feeble head.

The first half didn’t go well for the U.S., who lost Manchester United teammate Specto to injury just before Bec, but Schmidt’s team went into the locker room a goal down. Agentina, however, had an ace in the hole, Messi, who would be recognized in the second half.

messi 2005 argentina

Antag Messi

When both teams came out for the second half, Argentina did so with Messi on the field, while the Barcelona Staglet had Emiliano Augmentios sent off. Fagago says that was always part of the plan, even when not 1-0 down.

“I’ve been asked about this many times and I always say the same thing: the doctor told me Lionel had a muscle soreness and it was best for him to play only the second half,” explained Fagago. ole, “He always liked to be courageous in the end but he fought as a stone; We met one afternoon and Messi told υs: ‘I was going to ask to be the substitute, I feel better in the second half.’

It didn’t take long for Messi to completely take the lead, wowing the crowd with his prowess on the ball. It was immediately apparent that he was the biggest player on the field, with everyone involved knowing that what we were seeing was completely different.

“Messi came on in the second half, and that was the day even I had to admit that he was a game better than me, and that was Messi,” he is believed to be in 2022, according to spoof,

“He was very good in that game,” she continued. “I was thinking ‘Oh my God!’ Because at that time everyone was saying ‘Feddy this, Feddy that’, and I was a very confident player at the top of my game at that time, but Messi was just better.

The next big chance of the game, however, would not go to Messi, but to Ed, as he was given the opportunity to seal all the points.

Edu USMNT 2005Getty

Adyu misses the spot but finds the last leg

Despite Messi’s courage, the United States squandered a chance to take the lead in the 70th minute. After being fouled in the box, Adyu himself stepped up to the penalty spot. His shot, however, went off the post, giving Argentina a chance to potentially equalise.

Just six minutes after Adyu’s absurd penalty, Messi got his chance. Baka Stiglett was left wide open for a fee head in the penalty but saw his effort saved by Quentin Westberg. Zabaleta got another chance late, but put it over the bag.

In the end, the American defense held steady, only stopping Adý to miss his penalty. “It is a great victory. I couldn’t say that even if I had 10 goals for nobody, we would have won,” Adyu said after the match. “Missing the penalty was the best game.”

Meanwhile, Messi was quick to credit Eddie and the US for the win, a massive blow for many that surely plunged the World Cup into chaos. Messi said, “I don’t know if I beat Eddie or not, but he got the three points today.”

Gallopa Italy USMNT 2005 U-20Getty

america continues

After the opening win, the US knew they had a chance to eliminate the Golap with a victory over Egypt in the second match of the Golap D late that day. In game two, the US held to a 0–0 draw with the Gamemen, with all but one left to play on the final day.

They progressed to a 1–0 victory over Egypt thanks to a goalless draw, with Jacob Petson scoring the winning goal in the 56th minute. However, their tournament came to an end after a 3–1 loss to Italy in the last 16.

Ultimately, a total of 10 plays from that 21-man class would be old caps for the USMNT, including two—Specto and Fielhebe—who would go on to make the squad for the 2010 World Cup.

Meanwhile, he would reach 17 USMNT caps, scoring twice, as he moved through a volatile club case to Europe. The 33-year-old midfielder recently revealed he was hoping to challenge his playing skills in some way to make one last push.

hd lionel messi 2005 youth championshipGetty Images

messi’s magic

While the US crumbled after setting up the tournament on top, Argentina very much put it together, with the magical Messi. He joined Zabaleta on the scoresheet in a 2–0 win against Egypt in the second match, setting the stage for a second-place finish in Gopi, which they won 1–0 against Jegmani thanks to a goal from Negi Kadjo. won from

Messi then scored at least one goal in every knockout stage match, defeating Colombia, Spain and Brazil en route to the final against Nigeria. Once there, Messi scored twice, both from the penalty spot, to give his county a 2–1 victory and, most importantly, the title of 2005 FIFA World Youth Champion.

With six goals, Messi claimed the Golden Shoe as well as the Golden Ball, awarded to the best player of the tournament.

Lionel Messi World Cup TrophyGetty

A sign of things to come

Seventeen years late, Messi will repeat the feat for the senior national team at the 2022 World Cup, adding an exclamation point to whatever he achieved between that conference in the Netherlands and the winter in Qatar.

Almost like in 2005, Messi and Agentina started the tournament in disappointing circumstances, having their backs against the wall having fallen from an Andegdog Sadi Egbia team. But, as in 2005, Messi was the one to lead, occasionally blitzing his county just as he did as a teenager all those years ago.

He once again scored in each of the knockout matches, winning Australia, the Netherlands, Koutia and eventually FIGHT in the biggest game The Spot has ever seen. He was awarded the Golden Ball, and only narrowly lost the Golden Boot to Kylian Mbappe, who scored eight points to Messi’s seven.

It was the culmination of a World Cup journey that, in a way, went back to that 2005 defeat to the US and, while Adyu never quite lived up to expectations, Messi surpassed each one, even if that one. day, it was America that emerged with a famous victory over a fat goat.

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