We’re stuck in Majorca after horrific storms axed our flight – we feel useless, it’s a shambles

A SCOTS couple have told how they feel “useless” after horrific storms left them stuck at an airport in Majorca and facing a FOUR-DAY wait for a flight home.

The holidaymakers hoped to enjoy a long weekend as they jetted off to the Spanish isle last week.


Holidaygoers waited in queues up to 10 hours long after getting stranded in the airportCredit: SUPPLIED
A couple has been stuck in Majorca until Thursday


A couple has been stuck in Majorca until ThursdayCredit: SUPPLIED
The Balearic Islands have been hit with dangerous storms


The Balearic Islands have been hit with dangerous stormsCredit: EPA

But their trip turned into a nightmare after they were caught up terrifying thunderstorms which have been battering the Balearic island.

After watching the holiday hotspot being hit by gale-force winds and torrential downpours, they arrived at Palma Airport with hopes of getting home on Sunday.

After checking in, the pair, from outside Glasgow, discovered their Ryanair flight was cancelled and they’d be stuck for another four days before they could fly back to the city.

They are two out of hundreds of holidaymakers who have been left stranded in Palma after the severe weather caused dozens of flights back to the UK to be axed.

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Stranded tourists have been left facing lengthy waits for several hours at the airport, which ran out of food to serve people last night, it’s claimed.

The couple told the Scottish Sun: “Our flight was supposed to be last night and now the next one is on Thursday.

“We’ve just been told that there are no other flights now until September 1.

“It’s just myself and my husband, we were here for three nights for a long weekend.

“We were supposed to go home on Sunday night so our extension is longer than our holiday.

“I was at duty-free when I got a text from RyanAir saying our flight had been cancelled and that was the first we heard.

“We obviously saw the storm – it lasted all day but there was a slight break at 4pm when we were heading to the airport.

“There were trees falling down, parasols everywhere, people were taking videos.

They went on to explain that the queues have been the worst part of the experience, with passengers being forced to sleep next to their luggage on the floor.

They said: “It’s chaos. People are lying on the floor, some are trying to sleep – but there are just queues everywhere covering most of the airport.

“There were even queues to get in the lift – they’re everywhere.

“We waited three and half hours and then left to get an AirBnB for the night.

“There was a family we spoke to at the front of the queue who had been waiting since noon and were finally seen at 10pm last night – so the queue was 10 hours long.

“There was no tannoy announcement, no help. There are kids, older people, and no assistance. There were six people behind the desk and three airport staff.

“No one was no one walking about to help and there were no vouchers.

“We were at check-in so there isn’t much there but a few deli cafes but they all ran out of food. There were only some crisps and chocolate bars left a WHSmith which closed at 11pm.

“It’s been a bit more helpful today, we’ve spoken to Ryanair said they will pay for hotel expenses today but we need to pay upfront and claim it back.

“The airport is a shambles – that’s the only thing I can say. There’s been no communication, we’re stuck in the unknown and you just feel useless, you don’t know where to stay or what to do or where to go.”

Tourists were seen running for their lives as trees were ripped up and streets flooded.

With winds hitting 55mph, a cruise ship was even sent barrelling into an oil tanker off the island, leaving some passengers with minor injuries.

A pregnant woman was rushed to hospital after she was struck by a sign which had been blown down by the wind, according to local reports.

Trees have been ripped down, blocking roads and causing travel chaos across the island.

The severe thunderstorms are also believed to be impacting those in Mahon and Ibiza.

The couple continued: “It’s bad – at our hotel, the chairs were in the pool, umbrellas flying about everywhere, they closed off outside areas as it wasn’t safe with water and winds. The rain has been coming down today.

“I saw a tree fallen on cars at the car park and there’s a lot of debris and palm tree leaves everywhere and glass smashed everywhere – but they were quick to tidy it up when they could.

“The weather was in the forecast, I just think no one expected it to be this bad.

“I just don’t know why it took so long to let us know. our flight was cancelled.”

A photo of the airport’s departure board shows that flights from around 11am yesterday and onwards have all been affected as severe weather conditions hit the Balearic island.

This includes flights to Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as Manchester, Newcastle, Gatwick, Liverpool, Southampton, Leeds and Heathrow.

And flights flying out from these cities to the Spanish isle have also been grounded for the foreseeable.

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It is understood that all air traffic has been suspended as the storm rages on.

Ryanair has been contacted for comment.

The severe weather saw trees toppled on top of cars


The severe weather saw trees toppled on top of carsCredit: SUPPLIED
The isle has been hit with winds of up to 55mph


The isle has been hit with winds of up to 55mphCredit: Reuters
While sever rain has caused flooding


While sever rain has caused floodingCredit: Reuters

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