We wore bikini tops out in Las Vegas and had to deal with a grandma Karen – we’re coming for her husband’s AARP check

A HOLIDAYMAKER has described her ordeal after encountering an irate grandma Karen while taking a trip to Las Vegas.

She and her two friends were wearing bikinis, but this lady was not happy.


TikTok user Shani (@swaynee) had to deal with an irate grandma Karen in Las VegasCredit: TikTok/swaynee1313
The older woman wasn't impressed with her wardrobe choices


The older woman wasn’t impressed with her wardrobe choicesCredit: TikTok/swaynee1313

She was affronted because they were wearing two-piece swimwear in her company.

Even worse, they wore them in her husband’s company.

But this trio was wearing shorts with their bikini tops.

It was very sunny and hot in the casino town but their outfits displeased grandma Karen.

Shani Wayne (@swaynee1313) reported the experience on her TikTok.

She has over 96,000 likes on the platform. “You look lost, follow me,” is the only clue she gives to her remit there.

In this post, she and her two buddies are striding along the street very soon after ruffling the feathers of another vacationer.

Shani wore a blue patterned halterneck bikini with a pair of denim shorts and white sneakers.

Her tattoos were on display for all to see. Her friends also wore shorts with bikini tops.

“So we just had to deal with a grandma Karen because she didn’t approve of our fits,” said her friend.

But Shani plowed in because she had more to say on the subject.

“And I said hold on grandma Karen you ain’t about to f*cking check me about my t*tties.

“And your husband’s AARP check looks real f*cking nice,” she concluded.

Commenters were on her side.

“Y’all can literally wear what you want,” said this person.

It was a view echoed by this fan: “Y’all wearing the proper attire for Vegas she’s in the wrong city.”

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Another said: “That’s funny cuz back in the 70s that’s what us grandmas were wearing. I guess she forgot.”

“It’s Vegas and it’s hot outside what’s the problem,” asked this viewer.

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