Tell us: how is your life affected by working in the UK’s gig economy? | Gig economy

The number of workers in insecure work in the UK has risen over the last decade, with black and minority ethnic (BME) workers disproportionately affected.

We want to speak to people in the UK who work in the gig economy and on zero-hours contracts. We’re particularly keen to hear from app-based workers, like those working for Deliveroo, Bolt or Uber.

What kind of hours do you tend to work? How does your job affect your ability to plan ahead? Is there an impact on your wellbeing? What about on your social or family life? How does a lack of certain employment rights – for example, parental leave – affect you?

How do you feel about your work – is the flexibility useful for you, or are you searching for alternative employment? If so, tell us about any barriers you are facing.

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We want to speak to people working in the UK’s gig economy about how it shapes their lives. 

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