Scots mum-of-two left fuming after “cowboys” deliver broken couch

A SCOTS mum has been left fuming after a “cowboy” furniture company delivered her new £1,000 sofa broken – and three weeks late.

Kimberley Harney had ordered her new couch through furniture website Furnico Living under the arrangements that it would arrive on the same day that the family moved into their new home.

However, despite the mum-of-two paying a £99 deposit and agreeing on a delivery date, moving day came and went and no couch arrived.

The couch was delivered with a broken frame leaving Kimberley £1,000 out of pocket. Credit: Kimberley Harney

When the sofa finally arrived two weeks ago, Kimberley from Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire claims she found the frame snapped – and the delivery drivers allegedly scarpering before she realised.

Despite constant efforts to contact Furnico and resolve the situation, Kimberley claims she is no closer to receiving a fixed couch and the company continues to “fob her off”.

Images show the state of the damage to the back of the couch that Kimberley and her family received, with the frame leaning heavily to one side.

The couch would provide little to no support for anyone, rendering the entire side unfit for purpose.

The slope in the broken couch also means that for Kimberley’s children sake, she has had to put several pillows in the way to keep them safe.

After waiting over 10 days to try and resolve the situation, Kimberley finally took to social media last week to express her annoyance at the service.

The hardworking mum shared a post alongside the images of the damaged couch, writing: “Warning, I would avoid anything from Furnico Living company as the service you will receive is diabolical.

“I paid £99 deposit for a couch and told them I wouldn’t be able to take delivery until three weeks later, they called me every single day hounding me to take delivery which I couldn’t as I hadn’t moved house yet.

“Moving day came and I then had to wait three weeks for my couch to finally come – meanwhile sat on a Z bed with two kids as we sold our old couch on the understanding the new one was coming on moving day.

“Finally, after no joke 30/40 calls to chase up on my couch they delivered it at 9pm at night and wouldn’t even let me open it before leaving, but happily took £1,000 more of my money.

“I opened it up to find a large bit of the back wood snapped in half and unusable.

“This was 10 days ago and still no new couch – we are sitting with the big broken bit of couch even after five conversations this week where they tell lies of this new piece of couch getting delivered.

“I’ve begged, pleaded and prayed that they just do the right thing and send us the broken replacement and still nothing – still another weekend of them sitting with our hard earned £1,000 while we sit with a broken couch.

“Stay away from this company, they are cowboys.”

Kimberley Harney
Mum-of-two Kimberley had agreed a scheduled delivery date that was ignored. Credit: Kimberley Harney

Speaking today, Kimberley said: “I ordered the couch on the 12th of June on the understanding that it would take three to four weeks delivery.

“They [Furnico] started hounding me calling literally every other day asking to drop the couch off immediately and I said the same thing – I can’t take delivery of the couch until I’m in my new house.

“They kept calling and eventually Scott, my husband, spoke to them and said please don’t call again, we would like the couch on 7 July as agreed and not before.

“They agreed and the week before we moved in, I called Furnico to make sure all was okay with the plans for delivery.

“They said that their designated delivery company had the couch but when I called them, they never answered the phone and so I was starting to panic and began wondering if it was coming.

“The delivery date came and went with no couch appearing and I called numerous times, and they said a manager would call back, but nobody did.

“The following week there were still no updates and they kept blaming the delivery company who said they didn’t have it.

“Furnico then said they would need to send another one and this constantly went on with me having to chase both companies.

“I had already sold my couch to someone else, so we were having to sit on a sofa bed in the living room of our new house.

“They finally delivered the new couch a couple of weeks ago at 9pm when two random men just arrived at the door and brought the couch in then asked for the £1,000.

“I did ask if I could look at it first, but he said if there were any problems just to contact Furnico and so I said fine.

“They’d already left by the time we opened the couch and noticed the massive bit of wood that had snapped.

“I called Furnico the next day and spoke to a manager who said he would sort this for me, then I never heard anything from anyone.

“I keep chasing them and they say the replacement part is with a courier but I’m not holding my breath – the whole thing has been a disaster and they fob me off every time I call saying managers aren’t in.”

Speaking today, a spokeswoman for Furnico Living said: “We have spoken to the below customer a few times in the past week to confirm her replacement was sent to our delivery depot last Friday and will be delivered this week.

“The customer has been informed every step of the way of this complaint and may I highlight in line with the financial ombudsman we have up to eight weeks to resolve a complaint and we have solved this in three weeks.

“Please rest assured the customer’s replacement has been fulfilled and we have mutually resolved the customer’s complaint.”

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