New Edinburgh Fringe Festival play ‘The Bad Daters’ reveals online dating secrets and the funny side of being single

GOOD dating stories and bad dating stories, you may have thought you’ve heard them all.

But a new play promises to lift the lid on the good, the bad and the ugly of what dating teaches you about yourself.


Sarah Maria Lafferty and Brian Gallagher are appearing in ‘The Bad Daters’ at Edinburgh Fringe FestivalCredit: Alan Byrne
The play explores how the two characters get through a first date


The play explores how the two characters get through a first dateCredit: ALAN BYRNE

In the dark Irish comedy ‘The Bad Daters’, characters Wendy and Liam embark on a first date both assuming it is doomed for failure.

Wendy is made to go along to the date by her over-protective sister and Liam is forced into the rendevous by a cursed past that dictates that he must continually make an effort.

The play explores the struggle both characters have to survive the date as it unearths heartbreaking truths about themselves.

The dark Irish comedy is written by New York-based Derek Murphy and stars Sarah Maria Lafferty and Brian Gallagher, who have both individually previously performed at the festival.

Lafferty told The Sun: “Both of the characters in ‘The Bad Daters’ are damaged people but they both want to get on with their life despite their many flaws.

“It’s a fun but deep analysis of two quirky people who just seem to be drawn together. As the play goes on, we think the audience will see how gradually both characters drop their defense mechanisms and wonder if these two characters will end up creating a genuine emotional bond.

“For most people, dating is a daunting experience because there’s so much hope and emotional involvement so good dating is probably the exception to the rule.

“In ‘The Bad Daters’, we have an extreme example of two people struggling to get to know each other but it’s a funny and dramatic journey.”

The show will be at The Space at Surgeons Hall in Edinburgh and runs for 22 shows from August 4 – August 12 and August 14 – 26.

Tickets are available from the Fringe site.

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'The Bad Daters' is running for 22 shows at the Fringe


‘The Bad Daters’ is running for 22 shows at the FringeCredit: ALAN BYRNE

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