MUN University Centre reopens following massive flood cleanup


Memorial’s University Centre in St. John’s was temporarily closed Saturday due to flooding that was so bad it ran down the outdoor steps.

The building was closed to all but custodial staff

The steps leading up into the University Centre.
Memorial University’s University Centre is temporarily closed due to flooding. (Elizabeth Whitten)

Memorial University’s St. John’s campus University Centre has reopened after flooding from a broken sprinkler forced the evacuation of the building on Saturday.

A tweet from Memorial University’s account said that the central campus site was closed until further notice, but staff were able to get it open again just before 3:00 p.m..

The source of the flooding was a sprinkler head going off in a cooler. Custodial staff were in the process of cleaning up the water and only staff were allowed in the centre.

According to a MUN Safety alert that went out around noon, the building was also evacuated, with anyone present asked to leave through the nearest safe exit.

Wet concrete steps.
The flooding caused water to pour down the steps leading into the University Centre. (Elizabeth Whitten)

They were also instructed to clear the building by at least 100 metres to the nearest assembly point, and advised to not use the elevators.

That alert stated that the building would be closed until further notice. It has now reopened.

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