Lag known as ‘Saw Killer’ to stay in prison until at least 2062 after stabbing prison guard in neck

A NOTORIOUS lag known as the “Saw Killer” is to stay in prison until at least 2062 after stabbing a prison guard in the neck.

Matthew Tinling, 36, is already serving two life sentences for killing an ex-soldier after sawing his spine, and a knife attack on another lag.


Matthew Tinling, dubbed the Saw Killer, is already serving two life sentences after his gruesome murder of an ex-soldier, and a knife attack on a fellow lagCredit: Westminster Chronicle

He had another seven years added after his attack at HMP Woodhill, near Milton Keynes, Bucks, in February 2021, with a shank he had hidden in his mouth.

The guard needed 18 stitches after the attack.

Tinling later boasted in a letter that he had “mangled his face”.

Mr Justice Morris, sentencing Tinling at Aylesbury Crown Court, had said he had become “more vocal towards wing staff” a few weeks before the attack.

Tinling was becoming increasingly agitated about not being able to see a new psychologist, as he felt his current psychologist had “betrayed his trust”.

One officer reported hearing Mr Tinling telling the unit manager to get it changed because “his head was going”.

He had been placed under increased security so four officers would always be present when he was taken out of his cell, court documents show.

On the morning of the attack, Tinling had been working out in the exercise yard when he asked to be taken back to his cell earlier than usual.

The four screws, including Mr Morris, opened the gate and Tinling came “flying out” and “launched himself” at the victim.

He was sentenced at Aylesbury crown court and the earliest he can be eligible for parole is now 2062 instead of 2055.

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