Hilarious woman takes ID selfie which reveals she’s topless

A HILARIOUS video shows a woman recounting the moment she sent a topless picture as her approval picture for hiring a van.

Ash Holme from Bushey, Hertfordshire was attempting to procure the vehicle to help her friend move home and had been requested by the company to send ID.

However, alongside the ID, users were also asked to take a picture of their face to confirm that they were the person in question.

The 27-year-old took the snap and thought nothing of it until the picture zoomed out revealing the former X-Factor star to be topless.

Ash took to social media to share the hilarious experience that occurred last weekend in a hilarious clip, writing: “Put me in the bin.”

Her video begins with Ash chuckling away, saying: “Guys, I am absolutely howling, so one of my best mates is moving in with me today.

“She said I need you to drive a van. I told her don’t tempt me with a good time I’ve got this.”

The model then continues her tale explaining how she went onto the website of a van company to hire a transit for 24 hours.

Ash said: “I go onto this van hire website – you’ve got to put your licence in, verify your ID, just so they know I’m not a crook.”

However, the singer struggles to contain her fits of giggles as she continues to recount the embarrassing incident.

Pictured: Ash Holme. (C) @ash_holme/TikTok

She continues: “They ask you to take a selfie to verify that it’s you. I look like Quasimodo but I’m in the comfort of my own home, see if I care.

“I take the picture. I didn’t realise that it zooms out once you’ve taken the picture.

“I’ve got my t**s out. Harry Potter is in the background.”

An image then appears on the screen showing Ash topless with two emojis covering her modesty as Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban can be seen paused in the background.

There is text on the website informing the user that the photo may take longer to get approved if it is blurry which prompted Ash to make a statement about her picture.

She said: “My areolas are out. Of course, I’m getting approved.

“It’s the way I’m deadpan – my face is deadpan, nonchalant.

Ash's selfie.
Pictured: The selfie. (C) @ash_holme/TikTok

“Harry Potter is in the background and my t**s are just out.

“That is so funny to me. People are gonna think I’m trying to get free vans for the year.”

The video received over half a million likes and thousands of comments as many shared their thoughts on the comedic story.

One person wrote: “Man’s gonna personally deliver you the van after that one.”

Another said: “If they don’t give you at least 50% off, cause a scene.”

A third commented: “No way I wouldn’t be able to go there to collect the van. I’d have to do the whole process again with another hire company.”

A fourth added: “Okay but did you get approved for the van? “

Despite not updating her followers on the fiasco, Holme can be seen in her next video, filming a sketch inside a van, meaning that perhaps the naughty picture was approved.

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