Georgia court investigating Donald Trump over 2020 election delivers 10 indictments | US News

A court in Georgia investigating Donald Trump over the 2020 election has confirmed 10 indictments.

The precise contents of the indictment have not yet been revealed.

The court in Atlanta sat beyond usual working hours as a grand jury decided whether or not to charge the former president.

Trump narrowly lost to Joe Biden in Georgia and his lawyers, including former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, made false claims of election fraud.

Audio of a call by Trump to Georgia’s secretary of state also emerged in January 2021 in which he suggested election officials could “find” the votes he needed to win.

Trump is already defending several other cases – just a year before he hopes to reclaim the presidency.

The most serious concern allegations he plotted to overturn his election loss, laying the ground for the infamous US Capitol riots.

He denies the claims and says they are politically motivated.

In a statement, the Trump campaign said: “They could have brought this two and a half years ago, yet they chose todo this for election interference reasons in the middle of President Trump’s successful campaign.

“The legal double-standard set against President Trump must end.”

Trump’s other legal troubles include allegations he kept national security documents at his Florida home when he left office.

The ex-president has again pleaded not guilty.

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