Channel 4 star berated for asking farmer to slow down for horse

SHOCKING footage shows a farmer aggressively berating a Channel 4 star for asking him to slow down for her horse on a country road.

Liv Shelby was out with her young horse Selina for the first time on a country road near Manchester on Friday when a man in a tractor allegedly sped round the corner.

The 20-year-old, who is known for her appearances in hit TV show Cheat Detectives, asked the man to slow down for her nervous horse, but was quickly subjected to a slew of angry abuse.

Footage shows the large green tractor driving slowly behind Liv and her three-year-old horse as Liv yells out: “She’s never seen a tractor.”

The unidentified man can then be seen opening the door to shout back: “Do not wave at me, little girl. Get that horse out of the way now.”

He then closes the door and continues to slowly drive along the road.

The camera then pans to show Selina looking nervous as Liv attempts to soothe her as they trot down the road, repeating: “Good girl. It’s alright.”

The clip then cuts to the pair edging into a turning off the road so as to let the tractor pass.

Despite allowing the tractor to pass, the man brings his vehicle to a stop and steps out angrily as Liv immediately tried to calm the situation, reasoning: “She’s never seen a tractor.”

The man then points at Liv as he barks: “Never tell me how to drive.”

“I’ve been coming down here – I respect everybody and I’m not coming fast.”

He then points at Selina before ranting: “If you can’t control that, you shouldn’t be allowed-“

Pictured: Liv and Selena. Credit to @livshelby/TikTok.

Liv attempts to respond but the irate farmer rudely interrupts, bellowing: “Shut up, I’m talking to you! Alright? So, do not wave like that again at me.”

Standing up for herself, Selina chimes in: “I just said ‘slow down’. I only said ‘slow down’. I only went like that.”

She then shakes the camera to demonstrate the ‘waving’ she did in her plea for the farmer to slow his vehicle.

The driver then says: “I know when to slow down, I’ve been driving around here for 50 years, alright?”

Exasperated, Liv says: “Alright.”

Selina whinnies as the man then turns round to go back into his tractorm, before issuing one final threat: “Don’t do that again.”

He then climbs in his tractor and drives away as Liv turns the camera to Selina, who is huddled next to Liv.

Liv reassures her again as the furious farmer drives off.

Taking to social media on Friday, Liv shared the shocking footage, writing: “Spreading awareness to people, you need to slow down for horses.

“What this man did was illegal, threatening and bullying.

The unnamed man.
Pictured: The unnamed man. Credit to @livshelby/TikTok.

“My poor pony is only three-years-old, her first time on the road and we were completely bullied to get out of the way.”

The footage received over 220,300 likes and more than 13,300 comments from users quick to lend their support to Liv.

One person wrote: “Farmer here. In full support of you. You did the right thing, definitely didn’t deserve to be spoken to like that.”

Another said: “I know it’s harvest time and I’m flat out in the big Magnum and baler but I stop for horses regardless, everything else is cannon fodder.”

A third commented: “You handled that so well. Nobody should ever be spoken to in such a way.”

Another added: “I wish you hadn’t backed down. Should not have spoken to you like that. Hope you’re okay.”

A fifth wrote: “I bet that was so scary. You did really well keeping you and her calm.”

In an update on Tuesday, Liv shared that the man has since been spoken to by the police, who claimed that the man is unlikely to repeat his actions.

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