Canon Slade: Students dream big after picking up A-levels

Daniel Brier achieved an A in his extended project on voting systems and gaming theory and computer science, and two A* in maths and further maths.

He said: “I am quite proud, and the school have given me a lot of support, so I am grateful to the school.

“I wasn’t expecting to get into Cambridge to study maths because I hadn’t quite made the mark on a separate exam paper, so I thought I wouldn’t get in, but I was close enough and only a few marks away.”

The Bolton News: Daniel Brier

Ruby Chadwick was relieved to find out she got two A* in psychology and biology, and an A in chemistry.

She wants to take her love for caring for animals to the University of Liverpool to study veterinary science.

She said: “I enjoy the different sciences and applying it to real life and helping everyday people.

“I just love animals and I adore my dog at home, so just to have animals involved in my job I don’t feel like I would be going to work every day.

“It’s scary and it feels like a big deal, and I feel like I’m still so young to be at that point, but I am excited.”

The Bolton News: Ruby ChadwickRuby Chadwick (Image: Public)

Highflyer Callum Saunders was pleasantly surprised by his results after achieving as many as four A* in history, physics, maths, and further maths.

Callum now wants to make a difference in physics research at Durham University.

He said: “I wasn’t expecting this much because this our first round of exams because we didn’t sit proper GCSE’s, so I don’t feel like I could judge the exams properly.

“With physics you try and expand on your knowledge so I’m really looking forward to the research side of things, and to go into nuclear science and find better ways to run things in the world.”

The Bolton News: Callum SaundersCallum Saunders (Image: Public)

Alex Hatter wants to continue a career in maths after gaining three A* in physics, maths, and further maths, and an A in computer science.

He has now secured a place at the University of Oxford.

He added: “I enjoy maths more than my other subjects.

“The subject is just more logical to me and makes more sense because everything follows through.”

The Bolton News: Alex HatterAlex Hatter (Image: Public)

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