Bury: Bolton Road crash sees police car hit Land Rover and pole

The crash took place on Bolton Road on Monday morning, with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) officers being called to the scene just after 11.30am.

Although ambulance crews also attended, no one was injured in the incident. Fire crews were also in attendance.

The road was cordoned off until around 1.30pm between its intersection with Mile Lane and Watling Street before being reopened. 

Traffic was diverted up those streets.

A GMP spokesperson said: “At approximately 11:40am today (Monday, August 28), police were called to reports of a road traffic collision on Bolton Road, in Bury.

The Bolton News: The other car involved in the crash, a Land Rover FreelanderThe other car involved in the crash, a Land Rover Freelander (Image: NQ)

“The collision involved two cars, one being a police vehicle. No one was injured.

“Colleagues from NWAS also attended the scene.”

Residents in the area are concerned about the number of crashes that have occurred there.

A resident of Bolton Road said: “I saw the police car going into the post, with another one being knocked over.

“I didn’t see what happened with the black car. Everyone was fine and no one was hurt, thankfully.

The Bolton News: This picture from Spotted Radcliffe shows the scene just after it happenedThis picture from Spotted Radcliffe shows the scene just after it happened (Image: Spotted Radcliffe)

“It was an elderly couple in the black car and a young female police officer.”

She continued: “My son helped to take her out of the car, she looked quite pale.

“All the neighbours came out, people were helping to manage traffic before police came. Staff from the petrol station came to help as well, the whole community were helping.

“The police officer went into the ambulance. She was talking but obviously in massive shock.”

The resident added: “I was just looking out of the window to see if the sun would come out and then saw it.

The Bolton News: The sceneThe scene (Image: NQ)

“I couldn’t believe it, the noise was massive.

“We had two fire engines, four police cars, two large ambulances and a small one.

“There have been crashes here before, one woman was knocked over by a bus and died, this stretch is known for it.”

Another resident said: “We just heard a smash. The police car was in the post.

“We have had a few crashes here, there was one incident on July 21.”

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